NOMAC, Integrated Management System NOMAC, Integrated Management System NOMAC, Integrated Management System

Integrated Management System

NOMAC, IMS Structure

Integrated Management System (IMS)

NOMAC IMS is the way business activities are carried out in NOMAC and its subsidiaries all over the globe where NOMAC does business.

It integrates all the components of the O&M business into one rational system to enable the achievement of NOMAC’s purpose, vision and mission. It addresses the requirements of the ISO standards.


ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

NOMAC, ISO 14001

ISO 14001:2015 Environment Management System

NOMAC, ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

NOMAC, ISO 27001

ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System



IMS is designed to fulfil the requirements of ISO standards, Customer requirements, Legal requirements and organizational requirements, adopting  ERM (Enterprise Risk Management Framework) and ERP (SAP). It defines every employee’s roles and responsibilities through the guidelines, procedures and process maps. IMS clarifies who does what and how thus reducing ambiguity. IMS applies the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle with robust Internal Audit as the checking process. Consistently implemented across all NOMAC subsidiaries in various countries under global certification ensuring uniform / similar practices across all the O&M subsidiaries of NOMAC

The strategy of NOMAC Management is to achieve seamless integration of the IMS into the NOMAC Business Management system that could be easily transported to new businesses with suitable customization ensuring that same, consistent practices are ensured at all divisions and locations to achieve the business objectives.  


IMS Login

All employees of NOMAC and its subsidiaries can access the approved documents by clicking this link.

IMS Approved Documents