NOMAC, Communities and 2030 NOMAC, Communities and 2030 NOMAC, Communities and 2030

Communities & 2030

NOMAC, Vision 2030

Vision 2030

As part of VISION 2030 initiative of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, NOMAC and ACWA Power have made this a key priority and as a result, the Higher Institute for Water & Power Technologies (HIWPT) has been fully endorsed and supported as part of the long-term sustainability plan, by recruiting the best of locally talented people to join us in making KSA vision a reality.   

Located in Rabigh Province, HIWPT is a non-profit institute and began its operations in January 2009 with the blessing of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.

Since then many more local people have joined and developed themselves through the extensive training offered by HIWPT. All the qualified professionals are now proudly being a part of NOMAC O&M team in various plants in KSA.

HIWPT welcomes the aspiring, young Saudi nationals to hone their skills & talent with an ambition to pursue a career in the Power & Water sector. 

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NOMAC, Working With us

Working with us

In fact, any qualified individual from anywhere in the world, is welcome to join us in powering the future.  If you are interested in finding out more about career opportunities


Long-term sustainability is key

The operations and the maintenance work we do every single day, is absolutely vital to keeping the lights on, the water flowing, and the people we serve warm & safe by what we do and provide. 

NOMAC believes in a Sustainable, Renewable energy future, and we are responsibly operating the technology built by our shareholder, ACWA Power to deliver that future…today. 

We here at NOMAC are acutely staying abreast of the the world that is currently undergoing a transition in its use and sources of energy production.  We are keep updating ourselves on the innovative technologies that will transform the way how we operate in order to supply Electricity & Water to our consumers, not only for today's needs, but also for the needs of the generations to come. With our experience in this industry, we are actively pursuing any and all new renewable zero-carbon, sustainable technologies to keep all our futures energy needs secure well into the 21st Century and beyond.

We are constantly researching ways to make changes that can show a measurable improvement in terms of efficiency, cost and environment.  

Every plant we operate and manage is a unique project. This often requires unique solutions, and NOMAC always makes sure we have the right people, for the right project, for the right time. NOMAC welcomes all who have a shared interest in developing new sustainable, renewable, zero-carbon methods of Electricity and potable water production for protecting the environment and minimize the harmful impact on communities. 

NOMAC, Efficiency through Innovation

Efficiency through Innovation

By being efficient we reduce resource depletion; we save energy and thus ensure sustainable global development.

We look to find efficiencies in everything, striving always to be better, faster, but never increasing risk by minimising cost at the expense of safety and as a result we are able to keep the cost to the consumer as low as possible. 

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NOMAC, Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

An integral part of our business. 

We actively plan our operations and maintenance projects to include the local communities who are our Neighbours. 

Every NOMAC project has direct links established to help our immediate neighbours benefit materially, often by providing development opportunities to the local talent; creating employment & training opportunities for local people.