HSSE Management


We at NOMAC are highly committed to Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE).

We strongly believe that HSSE is more than procedures and statistics. It is a state of mind that establishes our culture and value, for that we have adopted ‘Safety’ as the vital core value and committed to protecting the well-being of our employees, partners, plants and the communities in which we operate. For achieving this, we have established and implemented an HSSE framework, well aligned with that of ACWA Power designed to comply with the local guidelines, legislation, and international best practices.

We have committed to HSSE performance by promoting an interdependent safety culture focusing on: an integrated safety organization; strong and robust HSSE systems; process safety; environmental sustainability; and assurance & continual improvement process.

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Integrated Organization Culture

We believe that incorporating Health, Safety and Environmental best practices into our day-to-day operations is essential to promote efficiency while preventing incidents. Participation of employees in HSSE matters is significant and well achieved through HSSE Committees and incentivization programs. We encourage proactive HSSE behaviour and support HSSE leadership at all levels starting from company’s senior management to employees and contractors in an integrated manner.


HSSE Systems

A strong safety culture is possible with the commitment of leadership and comprehensive safety systems. NOMAC has a robust HSSE system built on a risk-based approach and accredited against ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. The HSSE system which comprises the policy and set of procedures are set to achieve an incident free work place.

We ensure that every employee, contractor and visitor inside the plant is very well aware of our policies and procedures through regular awareness sessions, e-learning, tool box talks and HSE Committees. Training is an essential part of our HSSE system, ensuring that each employee remains competent to safely performing his work. We have deployed software systems to assist in managing seamless and error-free PTW and incident reporting processes. Regular audits and inspections by our HSSE team and knowledge sharing throughout our network allow us to improve our HSSE performance.

All our employees, visitors and contract staff are encouraged to report any unsafe action or condition along with Nearmiss or accident. This can be done efficiently via mobile or link below. In case you don’t have access, please communicate verbally to your NOMAC contact person

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Process Safety

NOMAC has embraced process safety and integrated this to its operations and maintenance. This evolution of our HSSE approach is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our business and achieve operational excellence. The process safety framework is designed to prevent the initiation of major accident hazard by focusing on operation and mechanical integrity; and if there is consequence, to safely and smoothly recover from it.

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Environmental Sustainability

NOMAC, being an environmentally committed O&M service provider, follows a responsible interaction with the environment to protect and sustain natural resources for future needs. Our ultimate target is to cause “Zero Harm to the environment” in all locations we operate. NOMAC follows a risk-based approach at which environmental risks and aspects are integrated part of planning and decision making.

With its sustainable environmental responsibility and consciousness, NOMAC assesses and manages its environmental aspects and impacts, sets targets and objectives and facilitate continuous monitoring, auditing and assessment to improve its environmental performance.


To ensure that our HSSE culture remain effective and robust, NOMAC leadership has set key performance indicators with real accountabilities. Further the HSSE core team has a primary responsibility to perform periodic reviews against Occupational Health and Safety framework; and Process Safety framework. The findings of these reviews are analyzed and translated into not only actionable items but also performance indicators which ultimately drive the performance towards our goal of Zero Harm and Operational Excellence