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Founded in 2005, NOMAC, the First National Operation & Maintenance Company, provides high quality Operation & Maintenance (O&M)  services for production of electricity and desalinated water worldwide. 

NOMAC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACWA Power.

We have sites in more than 10 countries, operating all across the Middle East & North Africa; Republic of South Africa, Eastern Europe and Vietnam. Our prime areas of Operation are in Production of power, Water Desalination projects, regionally & globally. We are in the vanguard, leading the world in pioneering Operations & Maintenance in water and power sector.

Consistent portfolio growth ​

Presently NOMAC is responsible for the Operation & Maintenance of a portfolio of over 28,000+ MW of power generation and  5.3+ million m3/day of desalinated waterproduction.

  1. NOMAC, NOMAC is Founded -2005

    NOMAC is Founded

    NOMAC was formed at the same time with the launch of KSA's privatisation program for water and power sector

    NOMAC, Shuaibah IWPP, KSA - 2005

    Shuaibah IWPP, KSA

    Shuaibah IWPP, KSA, the first independent water and power project (IWPP) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was successfully awarded to NOMAC for O&M

  2. NOMAC, Shuaibah RO Expansion 1, KSA-2007

    Shuaibah RO Expansion 1, KSA

    The Shuaibah Independent Water Expansion Project (SIWEP) that was built as an extension to the Shuaibah IWPP project having a reverse osmosis plant with a capacity of 150,000m3/day of desalinated water.

    NOMAC, JOMEL Marafiq, KSA-2007

    JOMEL Marafiq, KSA

    Jubail O&M Company Limited (JOMEL) was formed, partnering with ENGIE

    NOMAC, Marafiq IWPP, KSA-2007

    Marafiq IWPP, KSA

    JOMEL was awarded the O&M of Marafiq IWPP the world’s largest power and desalination plant, with a net capacity 2,700 MW (CCGT) and 800,000 m3/day capacity of desalinated water (MED).

    NOMAC, Shuqaiq IWPP, KSA

    Shuqaiq IWPP, KSA

    O&M Agreement signed with Shuqaiq Water and Electricity Co. (SqWEC) to operate Shuqaiq IWPP comprising of three 340MW oil fired power units with net electrical output of 850 MW and 212,000 m3/day of desalinated water.

  3. NOMAC, ROMCO company established-2009

    ROMCO company established

    NOMAC established a subsidiary, ROMCO in partnership with KWEPCO for providing O&M services

    NOMAC, Rabigh IPP, KSA-2009

    Rabigh IPP, KSA

    Rabigh IPP was successfully awarded for O&M by ROMCO to operate 1204 MW steam turbine plant

  4. NOMAC, International Footprint, NOMAC Oman

    International Footprint, NOMAC Oman

    NOMAC started multinational operations by establishing a subsidiary "NOMAC Oman" to provide O&M services in Oman market.

    NOMAC, Barges, KSA-2010

    Barges, KSA

    O&M of the  barge mounted desalination plants operating with a capacity of 50,000 m3/day was awarded to NOMAC by Bowarege

  5. NOMAC, ISO certification Achieved-2011

    ISO certification Achieved

    NOMAC achieved certification for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by TUV Nord for all operational plants and offices.

    NOMAC, Qurayyah IPP, KSA-2011

    Qurayyah IPP, KSA

    NOMAC was awarded the O&M of the project located in Qurayyah, the largest IPP combined cycle gas-fired power plant in the world having a net generation capacity of 3,927 MW.

    NOMAC, Barka IWPP, Oman-2011

    Barka IWPP, Oman

    O&M agreement signed by NOMAC Oman for Barka plant with a capacity of 427 MW (CCGT) and 91,000 m3/day of desalinated water using MSF

  6. NOMAC, Karadzhalovo-Bulgaria-2012

    Karadzhalovo, Bulgaria

    1st PV Plant

    One of the largest solar PV plant in Bulgaria with a capacity of 50 MW was operational by NOMAC Bulgaria.

  7. NOMAC, Noor 1, Morocco-2013

    Noor 1, Morocco

    O&M of 1st CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) Project at Noor 1 was awarded to NOMAC to operate the 160 MW NOORo I CSP Project, a greenfield IPP.

    NOMAC, Bokpoort IPP, South Africa-2013

    Bokpoort IPP, South Africa

    O&M of Bokpoort CSP, a greenfield Independent Power Project (IPP) with a total power generating capacity of 50 MWe net power output was successfully awarded.

    NOMAC, Rabigh 2 IPP, KSA-2013

    Rabigh 2 IPP, KSA

    O&M of 2,060 MW Rabigh 2 IPP was successfully awarded to NOMAC.

  8. NOMAC, Kirkkale IPP, Turkey-2014

    Kirkkale IPP, Turkey

    NOMAC Turkey was awarded O&M for the KIPP combined-cycle gas turbine power plant with a capacity of 950MW that will cover half of the energy needs of a city the size of Ankara.

    NOMAC, Barka RO Expansion 1, Oman-2014

    Barka RO Expansion 1, Oman

    NOMAC Oman, a subsidiary of NOMAC KSA was awarded the O&M of the expansion project with a capacity of 45,000m3/day of desalinated water using RO.

    NOMAC, RPC company established-2014

    RPC company established

    NOMAC established a subsidiary in KSA, RPC (Rabigh Power Company) for providing O&M services for IWSPP plants in Petro Rabigh petrochemical complex.

    NOMAC, Petro Rabigh IWSPP, KSA-2014

    Petro Rabigh IWSPP, KSA

    RPC was awarded O&M for Rabigh IWSPP is owned and operated by the Rabigh Arabian Water and Electricity Company (RAWEC); consists of a conventional thermal power with five 118 MW steam turbines, nine 470 t/hr steam generators, three wet limestone Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) units and sixteen 504 m3/hr Reverse Osmosis (RO) trains

  9. NOMAC, Noor 2 IPP, Morocco-2015

    Noor 2 IPP, Morocco

    NOMAC Maroc has been awarded the NOORo II CSP project having a capacity of 200 MW and 7.2 hours of thermal energy storage in Morocco.

    NOMAC, Salalah 2 IPP, Oman

    Salalah 2 IPP, Oman

    NOMAC Oman was awarded the Salalah 2 IPP, a greenfield development with high efficiency gas fired power generation plant that can deliver 445 MW of power, located in Raysut, Oman.



    NOMAC Gulf Solar Energy has been awarded the O&M of 260MWp Solar PV plant, the first Independent Power Plant (IPP) in Dubai and the second phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

    NOMAC, Barka RO Expansion 2-Oman - 2015

    Barka RO Expansion 2, Oman

    NOMAC Oman was awarded the O&M of Barka RO expansion 2 having a capacity of 57,000 m3/day of desalinated water.

    NOMAC, The NOORo III- Morocco-2015

    The NOORo III, Morocco

    The NOORo III CSP Tower Project  was awarded to NOMAC Maroc to produce 150 MW in Ouarzazate.

  10. NOMAC, Clean Coal Project Hassyan, UAE-2016

    Clean Coal Project Hassyan, UAE

    NOMAC signed O&M agreement with Hassyan Energy to operate the Hassyan clean coal power project that is set to deliver 2,400 MW MW net power capacity, using ultra-super-critical technology with an aim to create an environmentally friendly energy mix including 7% target from coal.

    NOMAC, Ibri IPP, Oman-2016

    Ibri IPP, Oman

    NOMAC Oman was awarded the O&M of Ibri IPP, Located in northern Oman, with a capacity of 1,509 MW CCGT that will use natural gas as a primary fuel source for electricity generation, with fuel oil used as a backup.

    NOMAC, Sohar IPP, Oman-2016

    Sohar IPP, Oman

    NOMAC Oman was awarded the O&M for Sohar 3 which is a natural gas fired CCGT with a capacity of 1,710 MW.

    NOMAC, Khalladi Wind Power Project, Morocco-2016

    Khalladi Wind Power Project, Morocco

    NOMAC Maroc was awarded the O&M for Khalladi Greenfield Independent Power Project IPP, the first Wind Farm having 120 MW capacity.

  11. NOMAC, Noor PV I program, Morocco-2017

    Noor PV I program, Morocco

    NOMAC Maroc was awarded the O&M of Noor PV I comprising three plants in 3 locations viz. Ouarzazate, Laayoune and Boujdour with following capacities..

    NOORo IV Ouarzazate - 55 MW  
    NOOR Laayoune - 65 MW
    NOOR Boujdour -  15 MW

    NOMAC, Shuaibah-3 Expansion II RO, KSA (WDEC)-2017

    Shuaibah-3 Expansion II RO, KSA (WDEC)

    Water Desalination Expansion Company (WDEC), a subsidiary of NOMAC, was awarded the O&M of the latest expansion Shuaibah-3 Expansion II RO close to our existing water desalination plants in KSA. Utilising SWRO technology, the plant will produce 250,000 m3 per day of desalinated water.

    NOMAC, Ben Ban Solar PV, Egypt-2017

    Ben Ban Solar PV, Egypt

    NOMAC was awarded the O&M of the project located in the Aswan Province in Benban (150 MW, 3 Sites) , one of the first utility scale solar projects in Egypt. The projects will have 3 sites with a capacity to generate 67.5 MWp, 70 MWp and 28 MWp individually.

    NOMAC, Salalah IWP, Oman-2017

    Salalah IWP, Oman

    NOMAC Oman was awarded the O&M of Salalah IWP is an Independent Water Project (IWP) based on Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Technology. The plant, shall be developed to produce 113,650 m³ of desalinated water per day during regular period and 120,000 m³ per day during the exigency period. The project shall be located at a coastal site in the Dhofar region.



    Diaa Sakaka Operation and Maintenance Company (NOMAC’s affiliate) was awarded the O&M of the 300 MW Sakaka IPP photovoltaic (PV) solar project, the first ever utility scale renewable energy project under the National Renewable Energy Program of Saudi Arabia. 



    NOMAC Gulf Solar Energy was awarded the O&M of the 950 MW hybrid project (700MW CSP  & 250MW PV) fourth phase of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, using a state-of-the-art combination of a central tower and parabolic trough concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies to collect energy from the sun. This will be supported with Photovoltaic panels to take the full phase to 950 MW.

  13. NOMAC, Al Dur 2 IPP, Bahrain-2019

    Al Dur 2 IPP, Bahrain

    NOMAC was awarded the O&M of Al Dur2 IWPP, an Independent Water and Power Project located at Al Dur in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The Plant will generate 1,500 MW of Power based on Combined Cycle Gas Turbine(CCGT) technology and produce 227,300 m3/day (50 MIGD) of water through Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) technology. 

    NOMAC, Vin Hao Solar PV, Vietnam-2019

    Vin Hao Solar PV, Vietnam

    Vinh Hao 6 Solar Power Plant is the first renewable power project awarded to NOMAC in Vietnam. Located in Vinh Hao commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, the project has the capacity of 50MW. 

    NOMAC, Rabigh 3 IWP, KSA-2019

    Rabigh 3 IWP, KSA

    NOMAC was awarded the O&M of Rabigh 3 IWP that will utilize reverse osmosis (RO) technology to yield a capacity of 600,000 cubic metres a-day.

    NOMAC, Redstone Solar CSP IPP, South Africa-2019

    Redstone Solar CSP IPP, South Africa

    NOMAC was awarded the O&M of the 100MW Redstone concentrated solar thermal power (CSP) plant, located at Northern Cape province, South Africa which is a molten salt central receiver project.


NOMAC, Overview, CCGT

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT)

Out of many Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) Plants  that we operate, the Largest one in the world is located at Qurayyah presently producing 3,927 MW in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NOMAC, Overview, OCGT

Open Cycle Gas Turbine (OCGT)

We operate Salalah-I OCGT plant located in Oman with a capacity of 273 MW. 

NOMAC, Overview, SWRO

Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

Among several Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Desalination plants that we operate, the one under construction at Taweelah Power and Water Complex, Abu Dhabi will be the world’s largest sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant producing 909,200 m3/day. 

NOMAC, Overview, Solar Power Tower

Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Out of many Solar PV Plants  that we operate, NOMAC will be operating Sakaka Solar PV Plant (316 MW), the first solar IPP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

NOMAC, Overview, CSP-PT

Concentrated Solar Power-Parabolic Trough (CSP-PT)

Pioneering several Solar CSP projects, we are gearing to operate the world's largest solar CSP-PV hybrid plant (Noor Energy 1) located at Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, Dubai, UAE with a combined capacity of 950 MW (700 MW CSP-PT + 250 MW PV). 

NOMAC, Overview, Thermal Disalination

Thermal Desalination (MSF & MED)

We operate the world's largest Multistage Flashing (MSF) desalination plant located at Shuaibah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a capacity of 880,000 m3 per day. 

Our subsidiary, JOMEL is operating the world's largest Multi-effect distillation (MED) plant located at Jubail, KSA with a capacity of 800,000 m3 per day. 

NOMAC, Overview, CSP-T

Concentrated Solar Power-Tower (CSP-T)

200 MW Concentrated Solar Power Plant at NOOR III, Ouarzazate, Morocco is an iconic tower type project that we proudly operate. 

NOMAC, Overview, Wind


The 120 MW wind project, located in Jebel Sendouq-Khalladi is a significant milestone wind project that we operate. 

NOMAC, Overview, Oil-Fired-Plant

Oil Fired Thermal Steam Turbine Plant

Out of many oil fired plants that we operate, Shuaibah IWPP in KSA generates 900 MW of power using Arabian crude oil and also has flue gas desulphurisation technology.  

NOMAC, Overview, Coal Fired Plant

Coal Fired Thermal Steam Turbine Plant

We are gearing to operate Hassyan IPP located in Dubai, UAE to deliver 2,400 MW net power capacity with ultra-supercritical technology that will use clean coal to create an environmentally friendly energy mix in the region.  

NOMAC, Overview, World’s largest

World’s largest private O&M operator for desalination

NOMAC has been entrusted to produce 5.3+ million m3/day of desalinated water in over 13 projects in 4 different countries using various technologies viz. SWRO, MSF and MED.


NOMAC will be the world’s largest private O&M operator for desalination with the development of the world’s largest sea water reverse osmosis desalination plant being constructed at Taweelah Power and Water Complex, Abu Dhabi, with a capacity of 909,200 m3/day.

NOMAC, Overview, One of the leading

One of the leading global O&M operator for electricity production

NOMAC has been entrusted to produce 28,000+ MW of electricity in over 33 projects in 10 different countries using a variety of technologies renewable and fossil fuel.


NOMAC is marching towards achieving its vision to be the leading Global O&M service provider in terms of quality and market share for power generation.

NOMAC Operating Philosophy

We bring technical expertise, process systems, and Management personnel to complement ACWA Power’s projects with a professional & well-established supply chain. NOMAC's operating philosophy cornerstones are:

NOMAC, Overview, Safety of people

Safety of people 

NOMAC, Overview, Commitment

Commitment to developments

NOMAC, Overview, IMS

Integrated Management System (IMS)

NOMAC, Overview, ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP)

NOMAC, Overview, ERM

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)  


NOMAC, Overview, Acwapower Shareholders -Logo NOMAC, Overview, Acwapower Shareholders -Logo NOMAC, Overview, Acwapower Shareholders -Logo


ACWA Power is the developer, investor and operator of power generation and desalinated water plants with 54 assets in operation, construction or advance development across 11 countries employing over 3,500 people with ~60% local employment. ACWA Power’s portfolio, with an investment value in excess of USD 45 billion, can generate 30 GW of power and produce over 5.3 million m3 /day of desalinated water.