NOMAC, Centre of Excellence NOMAC, Centre of Excellence NOMAC, Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

We Aim To Excel In Everything We Do

Since achieving Operational excellence is one of the core focus area’s for NOMAC, so NOMAC has established a Centre of Excellence department, which is focused on;

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Improving the systems and processes across NOMAC through IMS (Integrated Management System)

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Bringing in automation to reduce administrative and support function costs utilizing its Enterprise Resource Planning and Information technology departments

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Implementing state of the art Monitoring and Prediction Centre to monitor the performance of its entire fleet using Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Advanced Pattern Recognition and Digital Twin techniques

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Transforming NOMAC as a Knowledge based community by creation of organization wide network of experts, maintaining and leveraging comprehensive database of lessons learnt, development and implementation of best practice guideline documents

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Staying abreast of innovations and new technology in Power and Water sector to provide more efficient and cost-effective O&M utilizing technology, such as robotics and drones

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Cost and Performance bench marking

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Creating a pool of experts to help drive reliability of supply across NOMAC fleet. 

Establishment of fleet-wide Monitoring & Prediction Centre allows NOMAC to

  • Continuously monitor the plant critical assets health & transform plants’ data into real-time insights
  • Provide early warning of equipment problems, which is to be used for proactive maintenance, avoid unplanned downtime and forced outages and improve reliability
  • Leverage Advanced Pattern Recognition (APR) and Digital Twin techniques to provide for detection and identification of very subtle changes in equipment behavior
  • Provide expert advice on equipment performance and maintenance options made available to entire fleet
  • Potentially improve the availability and efficiency of its operating fleet

NOMAC, Reliability


The reliability component looks at the Asset health and utilize APR and Digital Twin techniques to detect anomalies before they become catastrophic. This allows the user to take corrective action much in advance before the equipment even hits its alarm limits under the control system.

NOMAC, Performance


The Performance component provides visibility and insights into thermal performance of primary component of each plant, real-time online, allowing the user to detect performance shortfall at the Plant level, Block level and component level so that a performance shortfall is adequately addressed. It also provides the ability to simulate offline “What-If” analysis on plant operational behaviour.